April 22, 2018


The Collaborative Practice Training Institute (CPTI) is dedicated to providing stimulating and interactive training to all Collaborative Practitioners – attorneys, mental health professionals, and financial professionals. Our training workshops and seminars prepare the Collaborative Practitioner to work with clients and other professionals to resolve disputes respectfully without resorting to the judicial system.

We believe that people who are contemplating separation or divorce deserve a model of dispute resolution that allows them to maintain their dignity, to protect the best interests of their children and their families as a whole, and to learn ways of communicating and problem solving while they work toward a satisfactory resolution of their dispute – whether it involves separation, divorce, custody issues, or civil issues.

All CPTI faculty are Collaborative Practitioners who are leaders and educators in their respective fields. Each Collaborative Practitioner is also passionate about the collaborative process and is dedicated to training other Collaborative Professionals so they to may provide clients with a model of dispute resolution that fosters respect and dignity throughout the collaborative process.

To that end, we have developed a training model that invites our collaborative practitioner audience to think about the concepts, discuss the topics, and practice the Collaborative skills within an engaging, interactive, and supportive training approach. CPTI is determined to provide all workshops and seminars at the highest quality possible, and a unique approach to best prepare the Collaborative Practitioner for working with clients.